The Cobden Centre has been established to promote social progress through honest money, free trade and peace. We are named after Richard Cobden, the MP credited with establishing free trade in the general interest and who said:
I hold all idea of regulating the currency to be an absurdity; the very terms of regulating the currency and managing the currency I look upon to be an absurdity; the currency should regulate itself; it must be regulated by the trade and commerce of the world; I would neither allow the Bank of England nor any private banks to have what is called the management of the currency...

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26 February 15 by John Butler

[Editor’s Note: this piece, by John Butler from March 2014, is now very relevant again with legal authorities and central banks currently looking at this area closely.]

Created in 2008 by the mysterious ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, in the past few months bitcoin has gone from a fringe financial technology topic to a mainstream media phenomenon. […]

Macro & Market Update

25 February 15 by Sean Corrigan

[This piece can be seen at Sean’s blog here]

More than half a century ago, in his role as an advisor to the men responsible for trying to set Taiwan on the road to prosperity, a redoubtable economist called Sho-Chie Tsiang argued that the monetary authorities should stop suppressing interest rates and directly rationing […]

Steve Baker MP at Treasury Select Committee Tuesday 24th Feb

 by The Cobden Centre

Steve Baker MP’s contributions at the latest Treasury Select Committee meeting can be seen here. Steve’s section starts at 11:25:00.

Richard Ebeling, “Introductions to the Selected Works of Ludwig von Mises (2000-12)” Part 2

 by Dr Richard M. Ebeling

[Editor’s Note: this lengthy piece, by Richard Ebeling, primarily based on the “lost papers” of Ludwig von Mises that he and his wife, Anna,  discovered in a formerly secret KGB archive in Moscow, Russia, is well worth reading as it shows Mises’s brilliance for understanding the problems of his time as well as purely abstract economics.]

Introduction […]

Australia and Canada – Commodities and Growth

24 February 15 by Colin Lloyd

Industrial commodities continue to weaken
The BoC and RBA have cut official rates in response to falling inflation and slower growth
The RBA has more room to manoeuvre in cutting rates, Australian Bonds will outperform

The price of Crude Oil has dominated the headlines for the past few months as Saudi Arabia continued pumping as the price fell […]